Learn with our celebrity artists and gain not only a professional and educational course but a creative and fun course that will lead to a career immediately after graduation. Our barber and hairstylist trainers work with celebrities, influencers, and customers around the world and have over 20 years of experience in the hair industry. Barber Course In Dubai in Dubai provides an opportunity to learn from elite Makeup Artists.

Training material provided by Nordic Beauty.


  • Hair knowledge
  • Consultation
  • Shampoo and head massage
  • Cutting short hair/ long hair
  • Blending with clippers
  • Skin fade / machine cutting
  • Blow drying/ Straightening
  • Beard trimming/ shaving

Beginner/no previous experience needed.
Duration: 10 days
Internship: 20 days
KHDA: AED 15,000 
ITEC: AED 21,000


Basic knowledge is mandatory. Customized based on experience.
Duration: 5 days
Internship: 10 days
KHDA (UAE Diploma): AED 7500 
ITEC (International Diploma): AED 13,500

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Are you looking forward to joining a barber course? Look no further than Nordic Beauty for an exceptional, career-oriented course. While you can attend the theory classes at your own pace and convenience, you’ll have to follow the practical part in person. Nordic Beauty provides the best barber course in Dubai, consisting of online classes and classroom-based classes; barbers can also deliver lessons at beauty and barber Institutes. 

You can learn about first aid requirements, development of lesson plans, ways to manage classroom assignments, and setting objectives. Most of these barber courses also deal with sanitation and hygiene standards. You will learn about sanitation, cleanliness, and safety standards necessary for barbering and cosmetology environments. 

You will also learn ways to examine the hazards of serious infections, diseases like HIV, and poor sanitation. Due to the outbreak of covid-19, barbers must take extra precautions. For example, they must sanitize their hands and hair cutting accessories after every use. 

You will also be required to use gloves when coming in contact with their clients. When you enroll in haircutting and hairstyling courses, you can learn about the basic steps involved in men’s hairstyling and haircutting.

 Besides, these courses also cover the basic steps required to properly handle tools such as razors, clippers, combs, and scissors. The course will also introduce you to hairstyling tips at the beginners’ level. 

With a customer-centric course, barbers can learn ways to communicate with their customers. It increases the likelihood of the consumer’s return in the future. The topics included are service pricing, communication skills, and resolving disputes. 

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