Nordic professional atmosphere

Our Story

How it all started;  

The siblings Selvana & Mahmoud Chahine behind Nordic Beauty both have a background in entrepreneurship rooted back in Sweden.

“Selvana Chahine, the Beauty Master”
Selvana, the Education Director started her aesthetic and beauty career at the age of 19. Through-out her career Selvana achieved over 40 international certificates, awards and diplomas including the “train the trainer” license and international ambassador license.

She decided to open her first beauty academy in Sweden at the age of 23. Over the years she successfully graduated hundreds of students within the aesthetic and beauty field across Scandinavia, Europe and Middle east / GCC.

Designing Beauty

Mahmoud graduated his Master in design from Turin, Italy and quickly fell in love with design and business development. In his early 20´s he established his first company within product development and got his products selling across Europe. He continued his road in the business development field connecting businesses between Europe and GCC.

“Nordics in Dubai”
in 2014 Selvana decided to move to Dubai where she worked an opportunity to work as a education ambassador for a highly reputable leading international company, with over 40 international brands within their portfolio. She extensively travelled through the Middle East and GCC executing various levels of trainings such as, skincare & body therapy, makeup artistry aesthetic skincare, sales and customer service etc.

“A beauty hub is born;

During Selvanas career in the middle east and GCC she recognized the challenges salon, Clinics and spa owners are facing daily and the qualifications and proper education that is needed in GCC to enhance the level of Standard and achieve successful and fruitful business.

Being not only a trained professional and educator in the industry, but also a customer, she realized how to breach these, through service, education and training, passing on all her knowledge and expertise!

Not only being siblings, but also close friends and sharing the passion for Entrepreneurship, creativity / design, beauty and business development both Selvana and Mahmoud wanted to establish a unique concept by gathering their expertise gained throughout the years and unite United Arab emirates and Scandinavia under one roof.

The main goal is to provide the right tools and expertise to improve overall standards and we believe that education is the key to success.

Our mission as an academy is to provide wide opportunities to achieve high quality hair & beauty education for individuals who wants to start a career in the beauty industry, existing beauty professionals and corporate solutions.

We provide the most important tools to enhance individuals and company to reach a 5-star level.