As an approved DHA, KHDA and International academy it is our highest priority to ensure we deliver courses and programs that supports and graduates new therapists, existing professionals and companies to achieve the highest standard of excellence and receive your DHA license or International accreditation to work either in the UAE or around the world.



It is our responsibility as professionals & business owners in the UAE to ensure the safety of our clients is always met and to provide the ultimate customer service.
We lay enormous priority on knowledge, 5-star exclusive customer service, the latest international and safe techniques and methods following the rules and regulations of the UAE municipality to guide you as a professional into taking the correct steps to receive your KHDA diploma and DHA license.
We offer customized aesthetic, beauty therapy, and skincare courses depending on your current level of knowledge, certificates, and diplomas.
We provide a full beauty, skin, and spa therapy program which is required to be able to work in for example clinics and medical centers as a beautician.

All our trainers are CIDESCO, ITEC and VTCT certified which means they have an international standard of excellence and have a long experience in the skin, spa, and beauty industry.
They have also received a “train the trainer” award and diplomas. Throughout the years the trainers have certified thousands of students around the world.

After the course, you can start a career as:

  • Skin & beauty therapist at clinics & salons
  • Brand ambassador
  • Beauty & spa supervisor / manager
  • Skin dermatology and doctor assistant (Master required)
  • Brand trainer


We offer continuous developments within skin and beauty therapy.
At Nordic Beauty, you will find the following award courses.

Award and certificate in Aesthetic courses for example:

  • Master Skin Certificate
  • Doctor Assistant Award
  • Award in Skin Analyze and Diagnosis
  • Award in Sales and Customer Service
  • Award in Management


Skin therapy is growing rapidly and employers within the spa, beauty, and medical facilities are constantly in need of certified beauty & skin therapists. As an academy, we are in collaboration with clinics and spa´s across UAE with the aim to connect you with current employers to find a job right after your graduation.

The level of standard we provide along with the experience you receive in our showroom where you will be practicing on real live models with different skin types and conditions as well as practicing manager responsibilities, retail, and sales will give you the confidence to work in a professional environment immediately after graduation.

Professional Skincare Course in Dubai By Certified Trainers at Nordic Beauty

Looking for a professional and accredited skincare / beauty therapy course in Dubai? You can trust Nordic Beauty for a fresh learning experience. It is our highest priority to deliver training programs and specialized courses to ensure professionals and aspiring beauticians achieve the highest standard of service quality in the UAE.

Nordic Beauty is certified, accredited, and reliable for skincare / beauty therapy courses in Dubai. Seeing the exponential growth in the beauty and cosmetic industry, we took the lead in helping aspirants achieve their goals of becoming certified (beauty therapists / aestheticians) skincare treatment and consultation providers.

Best Skincare / Beauty Therapy Course in Dubai from Certified Trainers

Nordic Beauty has created a team of well-experienced experts from different parts of the world. All our trainers are highly educated, certified, and experienced in training other aspiring professionals through the best skincare / beauty therapy courses in Dubai.

Our certified trainers are internationally recognized and have an excellent standing in the beauty, skincare/ aesthetic, and spa industry.

Experiential Learning through Beautician Course In Dubai / Beauty Therapy Course in Dubai

With our Beautician Course In Dubai at Nordic Beauty, you can earn an internationally-recognized diploma in beauty therapy. We will help you advance your treatment skills with a hands-on learning experience. Throughout our skincare/beauty therapy course in Dubai.

Through a collaborative and in-depth effort, our trainers will also instill managerial skills in students to help you achieve greater ambitions in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

Choose Nordic Beauty to Start Your Skincare / Beauty Therapy Course in Dubai

Here, at Nordic Beauty, you can learn skills, gain scientific knowledge, and exchange ideas without restrictions.

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